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Universal Support adopts the best CSR Practices. we believe that we are equally responsible to contribute to the society within which we operate and therefore we neither undertake the project which pose threat to the local community nor we ignore their welfare while doing business. We employ maximum local people to become part of the process and contribute to business as well as local community. It gives us great satisfaction if we are able to share a part of our business proceeds with the communities within which we operate.  It is our close association with local community that we never face any agitation or non-compliance either from local people or government officials. We provide skill development platforms, healthcare support services and educational support to the locals to positively impact livelihoods. These developmental activities not only contribute to the better standard of life of locals but also benefit the nation at large.


We at Universal Support are always committed to good governance practices and believe that effective corporate governance practices are integral part of an organization to succeed and sustain. We conduct business in all good intentions and high levels of transparency and accountability with shareholders, employees and the government. The company comply with all the applicable rules and regulations in true letter and spirits. Our employees display highest standard of personal and professional integrity, honesty and ethical conduct. All the employees are given equal chance to perform and grow within the organization.  All the employees are looked after by company like a family regardless of their positions.


US is employee focused organization and we aim to demonstrate safety by creating a workplace free of any injuries or occupational diseases and always strive to operate in incident free environment.

Quality Assurance

Universal Support has gained an image of a reliable coal-mining company through customer’s trust and we acknowledge that customer is an essential component in achieving sustainability. Therefore, we are committed to provide the best product quality, customer service, technical assistance and after-sales service to each customer.

We continuously monitor the quality of coal through our technical coal quality team who specifically focuses on coal quality and quantity management. We believe that spending a little extra go a miles and accordingly we remain focused on optimizing resources, production schedules and ensuring deliveries to the customers within stipulated specifications.